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KrisYeol Fanfic

Title: Somebody’s Chanyeol

Pairing: KrisYeol
Genre: romance, drama

Summary: Kris had been loving Chanyeol for a long time now, but decided to just keep it to himself. Now seeing him dating another guy, he felt jealous and insecure. Will he have the courage to say what his heart feels but couldn’t say?

PREVIEW: Chanyeol slurred in his sleep and gripped onto Kris’ wrist. Was he still sleeping? Kris thought to himself. He stayed like that for a couple of seconds, observing Chanyeol. He was in deep sleep though. He successfully let go of Chanyeol’s grip and was about to open the door when Chanyeol spoke in his sleep.

"Kris Wufan, don’t leave me okay…" It took him a couple of minutes before his mind absorbed what Chanyeol said. He was dreaming about him? Kris smiled and went back beside the bed, lovingly staring at Chanyeol. The light from the moon that emitted through the window gave justice to Chanyeol’s undeniably perfect features: his pointy nose, his milky white skin, his pinkish cheeks, his slightly opened kissable red lips…

"Don’t worry, I won’t ever leave you. But I think… It will be you who will leave me someday because… You already have him…" Kris said in a hoarse voice, then lowered his head, aiming his lips on Chanyeol’s. He kissed him him for the first time, lightly and with full of love. If only Chanyeol was awake, the kiss was enough for him to realize how much he loves him. But sadly, even when he’s awake, he won’t ever tell. He already has that ‘someone’ in his life. And he doesn’t intend to ruin their growing love. Before he started to tear up again, he decided to leave the room and quickened his steps. He carefully closed the door, not wanting to make any noise that will waken Chanyeol up.

LINK: (complete) or (ongoing)

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